Hui Sun


Fig.1 MCSA technology introduction

An operation detection technique called Motor Current Signal Analysis (MCSA) Technology has been developed since 1970s. It is well developed in motor operation detection but seldom used in pump operation detection. Compared with traditional detecting methods, hall sensors used in this method are cheaper, easier to be installed and less sensitive to external disturbance., In this method, induction motors are regarded as torque transducers as is shown in Fig.1. Through motor current signal analysis, time-frequency characteristics could be extracted for the determination of pump operation condition.

The work principle of MCSA technology is shown in Fig.2. During pump operation, variable flow is forced on the impeller. The torsional vibration of impeller transmitted by axis has influence on air-gap field and changes induced voltage. Consequently, current signal will change as response to such unsteady variation. So Load fluctuation influences current and we can derive the load fluctuation by looking at the current.

Fig.2 Principle of MCSA technology

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