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Leise, Philipp ; Altherr, Lena C.
Rodrigues, H. C. (ed.) :

Optimizing the Design and Control of Decentralized Water Supply Systems--A Case-Study of a Hotel Building.
In: EngOpt 2018, Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Engineering Optimization. Springer, Cham Lisbon , pp. 1241-1252.
[Buchkapitel], (2018)

Leise, Philipp ; Altherr, Lena C. ; Pelz, P. F. :
Technical Operations Research (TOR) - Algorithms, not Engineers, Design Optimal Energy Efficient and Resilient Cooling Systems.
In: FAN2018 - Proceedings of the International Conference on Fan Noise, Aerodynamics, Applications and Systems - Darmstadt 2018
[Artikel], (2018)


Leise, Philipp ; Altherr, Lena C. ; Pelz, P. F. :
Energy-Efficient Design of a Water Supply System for Skyscrapers by Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Programming.
In: Operations Research Proceedings 2017: Selected Papers of the Annual International Conference of the German Operations Research Society (GOR)
[Artikel], (2017)


Rausch, L. ; Leise, Philipp ; Ederer, Thorsten ; Altherr, Lena C. ; Pelz, P. F. :
A Comparison of MILP and MINLP Solver Performance on the Example of a Drinking Water Supply System Design Problem.
In: ECCOMAS Congress 2016 - VII European Congress on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences a nd Engineering
[Artikel], (2016)

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