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Kuhr, Maximilian and Corneli, T. and Pelz, P. F. (2018):
Reduction of Bearing Load Capacity and Increase in Volume Flow Due to Wall Slip.
In: Proceedings of the 20th International Sealing Conference, Stuttgart, pp. 569-579, [Online-Edition: http://wl.fst.tu-darmstadt.de/wl/publications/paper_181020_R...],
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Schänzle, C. and Corneli, T. and Pelz, P. F. (2018):
A similarity based efficiency model of spindle screw pumps.
In: International Conference on Screw Machines (ICSM) 2018, [Online-Edition: http://wl.fst.tu-darmstadt.de/wl/publications/paper_180717_I...],


Schänzle, C. and Dietrich, Ingo and Corneli, T. and Pelz, P. F. (2017):
Controlling Uncertainty in Hydraulic Drive Systems by means of a Soft Sensor Network.
In: Sensors and Instrumentation, Proceedings of the 35th IMAC, 5pp. 1-6, [Online-Edition: http://wl.fst.tu-darmstadt.de/wl/publications/paper_1601026_...],


Corneli, T. and Pelz, P. F. and Ludwig, G. (2016):
Influence of Temperature and Shear Rate on the Slip Length in the Hydrodynamic Lubrication for a Polyalphaolefin.
In: In: 19th International Sealing Conference, 12.10. - 13.10. 2016, Stuttgart, [Online-Edition: http://wl.fst.tu-darmstadt.de/wl/publications/paper_161017_S...],

Pelz, P. F. and Schänzle, C. and Corneli, T. (2016):
Ähnlichkeitsbeziehungen bei Verdrängermaschinen- eine einheitliche Wirkungsgradmodellierung.
In: O+P – Ölhydraulik und Pneumatik, 60 (1-2), pp. 104-113, [Online-Edition: http://wl.fst.tu-darmstadt.de/wl/publications/paper_151229_A...],

Corneli, T. and Ludwig, G. and Pelz, P. F. (2016):
Slip length of the tribo system steel-polyalphaolefin-steel determined by a novel tribometer.
In: 10th International Fluid Power Conference, Dresden, Germany, pp. 479-491, [Online-Edition: http://wl.fst.tu-darmstadt.de/wl/publications/minute_160309_...],


Pelz, P. F. and Cloos, F.-J. and Corneli, T. and Hedrich, P. and Nakhjiri, M. (2015):
Leichtbautilger für Fahrwerke.
In: 3. VDI-Fachtagung Schwingungsdämpfung, [Online-Edition: http://wl.fst.tu-darmstadt.de/wl/publications/article_150922...],


Corneli, T. and Pelz, P. F. and Ludwig, G. (2014):
Slip length in narrow sealing gaps – an experimental approach.
In: 18th International Sealing Conference, Stuttgart, 08.10. - 09.10. 2014, [Online-Edition: http:wl.fst.tu-darmstadt.de/wl/publications/paper_141022_Sli...],
[Conference or Workshop Item]

Corneli, T. and Preuß, N. and Troßmann, O. and Pelz, P. F. (2014):
Experimental studies on the volumetric efficiency of triple screw pumps.
In: International VDI Conference "Screw Machines 2014", Dortmund, September 23-24, 2014, [Online-Edition: http://wl.fst.tu-darmstadt.de/wl/publications/paper_140923_S...],
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Thurner, J. and Corneli, T. and Pelz, P. F. (2014):
Development of a Hydrostatic Load Balancing System for 3-Spindle Screw Pumps.
In: 9.IFK – Proceedings Vol.1, [Online-Edition: http://wl.fst.tu-darmstadt.de/wl/publications/paper_140424_D...],

Corneli, T. and Pelz, P. F. (2014):
Employing Hydraulic Transmission for Light Weight Dynamic Absorber.
In: 9.IFK – Proceedings Vol.3, [Online-Edition: http://wl.fst.tu-darmstadt.de/wl/publications/paper_140426_E...],

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