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Schänzle, Christian and Corneli, T. and Pelz, P. F. (2018):
A similarity based efficiency model of spindle screw pumps.
In: International Conference on Screw Machines (ICSM) 2018, [Online-Edition: http://wl.fst.tu-darmstadt.de/wl/publications/paper_180717_I...],

Schänzle, Christian and Störmer, Nils and Pelz, P. F. (2018):
Modeling the efficiency of external gear pumps based on similarity considerations.
In: Symposium on Fluid Power and Motion Control (FPMC) 2018, [Online-Edition: http://wl.fst.tu-darmstadt.de/wl/publications/paper_180625_F...],

Pelz, P. F. and Dietrich, Ingo and Schänzle, Christian and Preuß, N. (2018):
Towards digitalization of hydraulic systems using soft sensor networks.
In: 11th International Fluid Power Conference, pp. 40-53, [Online-Edition: http://wl.fst.tu-darmstadt.de/wl/publications/paper_180319_A...],

Preuß, N. and Schänzle, Christian and Pelz, P. F. (2018):
Accumulators with sorbent material – an innovative approach towards size and weight reduction.
In: 11th International Fluid Power Conference, pp. 504-517, [Online-Edition: http://wl.fst.tu-darmstadt.de/wl/publications/paper_180319_A...],


Schänzle, Christian and Dietrich, Ingo and Corneli, T. and Pelz, P. F. (2017):
Controlling Uncertainty in Hydraulic Drive Systems by means of a Soft Sensor Network.
In: Sensors and Instrumentation, Proceedings of the 35th IMAC, (Volume 5), [Online-Edition: http://wl.fst.tu-darmstadt.de/wl/publications/paper_1601026_...],

Pelz, P. F. and Groß, T. F. and Schänzle, C. (2017):
Hydrospeicher mit Sorbentien - Verhalten, Modellierung und Diskussion.
In: O+P – Ölhydraulik und Pneumatik 1-2, pp. 42-49, [Online-Edition: http://wl.fst.tu-darmstadt.de/wl/publications/paper_170116_H...],


Schänzle, Christian and Ludwig, G. and Pelz, P. F. (2016):
ERP Positive Displacement Pumps – Physically Based Approach Towards an Application-Related Efficiency Guideline.
In: 3rd International Rotating Equipment Conference (IREC) Pumps, Compressors and Vacuum Technology 2016, Duesseldorf, Germany, [Online-Edition: http://wl.fst.tu-darmstadt.de/wl/publications/paper_160607_I...],

Pelz, P. F. and Schänzle, Christian and Corneli, T. (2016):
Ähnlichkeitsbeziehungen bei Verdrängermaschinen- eine einheitliche Wirkungsgradmodellierung.
In: O+P – Ölhydraulik und Pneumatik, pp. 104-113, 60, (1-2), [Online-Edition: http://wl.fst.tu-darmstadt.de/wl/publications/paper_151229_A...],


Altherr, Lena C. and Ederer, Thorsten and Schänzle, Christian and Lorenz, Ulf and Pelz, P. F. (2015):
Algorithmic System Design Using Scaling and Affinity Laws [accepted].
In: Operations Research Proceedings 2015: Selected Papers of the International Conference on Operations Research, Springer, [Article]

Schänzle, Christian and Altherr, Lena C. and Ederer, Thorsten and Pelz, P. F. (2015):
TOR – Towards the Energetically Optimal Ventilation System.
In: EST 2015, Karlsruhe, 19-21 Mai 2015, [Online-Edition: http://wl.fst.tu-darmstadt.de/wl/publications/abstract_14121...],
[Conference or Workshop Item]

Schänzle, Christian and Altherr, Lena C. and Ederer, Thorsten and Lorenz, U. and Pelz, P. F. (2015):
As Good As It Can Be - Ventilation System Design By A Combined Scaling And Discrete Optimization Method.
In: Proceedings of FAN 2015, Lyon (France), 15 – 17 April 2015, [Online-Edition: http://wl.fst.tu-darmstadt.de/wl/publications/paper_150420_T...],

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