History of the Institute for Fluid Systems

1897 Founding of the Department for Mechanical Engineering V for hydraulic engines, figuring machines, hydraulics and plants under the direction of Professor Pfarr at the TH Darmstadt
1913 After the death of Professor Pfarr during World War I Professor Braun took over the leadership of this department.
1921 Professor Wagenbach took over the professorship for Hydraulic engines and hydraulics until 1942
1946 After World War II, Professor Scheubel was named the head of the Research center for fluid mechanics and hydraulic engines.
1958 Dedication of the current office building located on Magdalenen Street
1965 Dedication of the new laboratory building including the water tower
1966 With the retirement of Professor Scheubel the two fields of Technical fluid mechanics and Hydraulic engines and plants were divided into separate departments
1967 Professor Osterwalder was made head of the Hydraulic engines and plants department
1985 Professor Stoffel took over as head of this department after Professor Osterwalder retired in 1984.
1992 A section of Professor Pfeil’s Thermal turbo machine and plant department was assigned to the Hydraulic engine and plant department.
1993 After the department was expanded, the name was changed to Turbo machines and fluid drive technology. The headquarters for the Thermal turbo machines and numeric applications working group was set up on the Lichtweise.
1997 The anniversary of the founding of the department in 1897 was celebrated under the motto: "100 Years of turbo machines and 50 years of fluid drive technology at the TU Darmstadt”.
2006 Professor Pelz was appointed to lead the department after Professor Stoffel retired. The main areas of research for the renamed department of Fluid system technology include turbo machines, fluid systems in automobile applications as well as fundamentals such as cavitation and acoustics.