Technical Operations Research

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TOR: Technical Operations Research

The Optimization Group at the Chair of Fluid Systems Technology focuses on optimization problems in mechanical engineering, especially regarding system design in fluid system technologies and mechatronical systems. We pursue a holistic approach comprising basic algorithmic and mathematical research, as well as industry-oriented research and services to the industry.

Our team strives to establish quantitative methods for the synthesis of technical systems in engineering sciences. Mathematical optimization is well known in economics under the name of Operations Research (OR). OR-methods have been successfully employed for the optimization of business processes, e.g. logistics. Our group on the other hand, connects modules to build systems – in a systematic way.

The ideas of TOR (Technical Operations Research), a new research area developed at TU Darmstadt, can be illustrated with the help of a small example: The optimal design of a booster station is a typical problem we address.

Technical Operations Research however covers much more than using mathematical modeling and solution algorithms in order to optimize technical systems. It is of high importance to also support engineers in employing these tools and to address the essential communication between the involved academic disciplines. Another important subject is the evaluation of new technologies. Therefore, technology management is playing a major role in Technical Operations Research.

Being an interdisciplinary science, Technical Operations Research bridges the gap between mechanical engineering, computer science, mathematics and business studies.