Author Resources

Author Resources


Dear authors, please upload your abstracts and papers in MS WORD and PDF format. In order to upload your documents, you first have to register at our Conference Management System by following the link After uploading your documents you immediatly will receive a confirmation e-mail. Please remember the user name and password you have chosen at the registration process. You can use this account also for further options like mandatory registration, e-payment and hotel reservation.

The deadline for submission of abstracts is fixed to May 27th, 2011. An overview of further dates and deadlines is available here.

Until July 15th, 2011 you will receive an information whether your proposal is accepted or not. Thus you can proceed in preparing your full paper keeping in mind the above mentioned deadlines and dates.

For preparing your abstracts please refer to the following guidelines:

For preparing your full papers please refer to the following guidelines:

Oral presentations:

  • The time limit for the oral presentation of each accepted full paper is 20 minutes plus 10 minutes for discussion
  • The time limit for the oral presentation of invited lectures is 45 minutes plus 15 minutes for discussion
  • The presentation slides should be provided in terms of a PowerPoint or PDF file
  • Each lecture room is equipped with a PC running MS OFFICE 2010 on MS Windows 7
  • There also is the possibility for authors to use their own notebooks
  • We strongly recommend to all presenters to check the compatibility of equipment as well as files duly before their talk

For any further questions please contact