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Actuating Elements in the Process Automation of Process Engineering Plants

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Lecture (4CP)
Summer semester
Wednesday 15:20 – 16:50
Room S1|08 111
Dr. Jörg Kiesbauer, SAMSON AG Frankfurt
Ibrahim Budde

April 15, 2015
Content: Proces automation; Processes and components of chemical plants; Process engineering plants; What are processes?; DCS and process control loop; Fluid dynamics in plants; Pumps; Sensors and measuring equipment; Actuators or control valves; Automatic control and control; Historical development; Methods; Devices and systems for process automation; DCS; SPS; Process controllers; Control room; Control loop strategies; Self-operated control valves; Standards and Certification (Explosion protection, environment, noise); Engineering; Assembling and commissioning of plants; Communication in field: conventional analog, digital (HART, Field busses); Process measuring devices (Sensors): pressure, flow, temperature, level; Process analyzers; Final control elements (actuators); Control valves; Types of control valves; Basics of fluid dynamics; Sizing of control valves; Flow behavior (non-compressible, compressible and multi-phase); Forces; Noise specific questions and requirements; Actuators; Positioners; Control loop theoretical bahavior and requirements; Accessories; Function of complete system with process control and complete plant; PID control; Other control loop methods; Safety position; Antisurge valves; Speed controlled motors for pumps
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